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The Electro Shine Story

At the beginning of 2011 Big Kenny and the Last Dollar Studios began to incubate an idea to...

"Smash Acoustic Stringed Music together with Electro Dance Music"
** This has now become The New Revolution of Muzika Without Prejudice **

Through trial, error, and a whole hell of a lot of "seat-of-our-brow-luck-and-genius," we introduce to you what is now the trademarked and revered good times of: ELECTRO SHINE . Electro Shine is continually being conceived, idealized and envisioned by Big Kenny, Dean Emeritus of the world renowned University of Creativity; a Love Everybody holding.

The University of Creativity and Last Dollar Studios attracts the greatest minds and talent from across the globe. EShine has been furthered by principled contributions from former legendary Mayor of Jollywood and tender lover, CheBacca. Brother Bacca brings with him multiple degrees in Electro-Shake-Yo-Ass-ology and Lay-it-down-smoove. Chessboxer brought along the roots of Electro Shine include any and all organic instruments associated with country, bluegrass, world-folk, Appalachian, classical, and bad-ass-hammered-down-six-stringed-ROCK.

Aside from the green wigs they wear, the support staff shows no other noticeable similarities to Oompa Loompas. These men and women of all nationalities, creeds, colors, races, religions and sexual orientation play a key role in making the impossible possible.

Enough reading, Check this shite out!